Midnight musings

A collection of my thoughts

#15 Roots 

If you were to peel back The layers of my skin For a peek of what lies beneath, You would find a tangle of wild roots, Dense, and untamed, and telling The story of my home.   Knotting and merging,... Continue Reading →

#14 Coming Home 

I. I have fallen in love with the mid-June evening skies, and It's volatile shades of grey Like a temperamental canvas of inky blacks And blotted blues, lines of translucent paint drizzle down From the canopy of clouds, marred and... Continue Reading →

#13 The Swing Set

The deathly creaking of my joints persist, I can resist the pressure no longer. With a heavy groan, I come undone. Nut loosening from bolt, screw loosening from chain, my metal frame loosening from the soil I had sunken my... Continue Reading →

#12 A retired journal 

The creases across my Tough bindings have softened And smoothened, As sinewy muscle does with disuse And the passage of time.   But even with the sighs And grunts of old age, This leather fortress Never permits the escape Of... Continue Reading →

#11 Inferno

I met you in the dark, You lit me up Setting alight The dying embers of My heart.   Sparks flew Among the smouldering ruins, Awakening A scarred soul.   Your warmth Set my body ablaze, White-hot heat Sealed the... Continue Reading →

#10 polychrome thoughts 

Instead of blue, She always saw candy floss Pink clouds, and Orange puppies Within the pages Of her colouring books.   Shy eyes Continually noticed the Polychrome possibilities Of a black-and-white world, While downcast eyes Traced doodles On empty sidewalks.... Continue Reading →

#9 things I would say to the rain 

I.   It was the drowsy trickle Of your drizzle down my face That made me wonder If his lips would be that gentle.   Emboldened by your pitter-patter Soundtrack, I stole my first kiss From the boy on the... Continue Reading →

#8 late bloomer 

Cluelessness and clumsy pretending Seem synonymous with adulthood, As do unrealistically lofty expectations, Plaguing pressures, And overwhelming frustration.   Awkwardly fumbling in The dark, toward a future That is hazy at best Is merely a part of growing up. As... Continue Reading →

#7 Punctuated love

Furiously I scribble and scrawl, An attempt To shut out the images of you That pervade my thoughts.   The flood of memories, I try to drown out With the words that occupy the Space on an unmarred sheet of... Continue Reading →

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