Cluelessness and clumsy pretending

Seem synonymous with adulthood,

As do unrealistically lofty expectations,

Plaguing pressures,

And overwhelming frustration.

Awkwardly fumbling in

The dark, toward a future

That is hazy at best

Is merely a part of growing up.

As is tumbling down a

Rabbit hole of doubt,

While breathlessly trying to

Keep up with everyone else.

So don’t fret

Little bud,

Even if everyone around you

Seems to be in full bloom.

Nobody really has it all

Figured out anyway.

Don’t strain

Little bud,

To replicate the hue or

Shape of another.

It’ll only result in

Bruised petals and an

Unhealthy pallor.

Don’t ruin yourself

Trying to keep up,

Just because you “should”

Blossom in your own way

And in your time.

Blossom when you are ready.

You are beautiful either way.