It was the drowsy trickle

Of your drizzle down my face

That made me wonder

If his lips would be that gentle.

Emboldened by your pitter-patter

Soundtrack, I stole my first kiss

From the boy on the damp swings.

Thank you, from the girl with

Frizzy hair, a beaming smile, and a pounding heart.



I watched your mid-week downpour

With a vision blurred by tears.

Only after looking out the window

With dry eyes,

Did I realise that everyone

Has hazy vision sometimes,

Since the streetlights were still smudges,

And the people still resembled

The blotted form of smudged ink.

Thank you, from the girl

Sporting fashionable glasses,

Poor eyesight,

And an equally hazy picture

Of the future.



Quiet blankets of stillness

Settle down with hushed sighs.

A deafening silence

Follows the shrieking rage

Of a violent storm.

You leave behind

Only pockets of fallen tears,

And a slate wiped completely clean.

I never thought

I would love the calm

After a storm, but you

Helped me learn how to wash away


Thank you, from the girl

Who finally had enough.



Thank you for

The rainbows,

And lessons;

The clean slates,

And kisses.