I met you in the dark,

You lit me up

Setting alight

The dying embers of

My heart.

Sparks flew

Among the smouldering ruins,


A scarred soul.

Your warmth

Set my body ablaze,

White-hot heat

Sealed the seams of

Open wounds.

Consuming me,

You rendered my armour anew,

The skin beneath,

Meant only for you.

And so when we touched,

The trails your

Fingers made,

Ignited every nerve ending

Within me.

My infant flame

Set you alight,

Within the throes of passion

We consumed each other,

And all that we were was

A scorching inferno.

This poem is based on a prompt given by Airplane Poetry Movement for the National Poetry Writing month they’re hosting.

The instructions were to use the first line of your favourite song as the first line of your poem, and I chose Say You Won’t Let Go by James Arthur!