I have fallen in love with

the mid-June evening skies, and

It’s volatile shades of grey

Like a temperamental canvas of inky blacks

And blotted blues, lines of translucent paint drizzle down

From the canopy of clouds, marred and bruised.

Lovers separated by atmospheres and seasons,

A torrent of raindrops ravishes

It’s earthen companion,

caressing the jagged scars across it’s parched skin.

I have fallen in love with

The heady scent that permeates the humid air;

The love-child of storm and soil

Infused by the sweet, rich aromas

Of a 6pm cup of chai.

I have fallen in love with

The rivulets of rainwater that

Trail silver maps across the ridges and contours of bottle green fronds;

And the dewy droplets that adorn the Gulmohars and Cassias that are strewn beside my bare feet;

Like a bejewelled carpet of scarlet and gold.

We are words

Ricocheting off one another,

Relief, catharsis and a safe space after a long day.

We are the comfortable silences, the content sighs,

And the barefaced truth

Between mother and daughter.

I have fallen in love with

The tapestry of words that we weave.
I have fallen in love with

Coming home.

Hello all! Apologies for the extremely long hiatus, but the blog is still alive; and I will try to post as regularly as I can from now onwards!