Instead of blue,

She always saw candy floss

Pink clouds, and

Orange puppies

Within the pages

Of her colouring books.

Shy eyes

Continually noticed the

Polychrome possibilities

Of a black-and-white world,

While downcast eyes

Traced doodles

On empty sidewalks.

Her keen mind

Envisioned a mirage

Of colours, spattering life

Into the foundations of a

Concrete jungle.

Her thoughts bloomed

To tell tales of

A world in brilliant multicolour,

And keenly noticed all of

Life’s 101 shades of grey.


Living life with

Rosy spectacles

Would not do,

They said.

And so,

They delivered a manual,

As a doctor would a prescription,

For the girl with

Thoughts a little too out there,

And a little too weird.

As heavy blocks of

Conformity came tumbling down,

The world around her

Bled kaleidoscopic tears.

Her world finally succumbed

To the pressures of society,

And receded to a mundane


Picture credits go an amazing artist, Rinni Choudhary 🙂