I scribble and scrawl,

An attempt

To shut out the images of you

That pervade my thoughts.

The flood of memories,

I try to drown out

With the words that occupy the

Space on an unmarred sheet of paper;

Hoping that maybe

They’ll take over my mind instead.


The parenthesis

Refuse to let me forget the

Soft curve of your smile

And the slight curl of your hair.

The inevitable comma

Forces me to pause,

Halting my train of thought

And torrent of words,

Forcing me to take a breath.

In and





Ink bleeds through blotched paper

As I carve out a symbol

Loaded with meaning and

Seeking too many answers.


Ellipses follow

They tear through the paper

But I can run no longer,

And so I gently

spell out your name.

And with a sigh

Of relief and

Of finality,

I adorn its end

With a full stop.