Midnight musings

A collection of my thoughts

#6 The green-eyed monster

One sliver of fear, One spoonful Of doubt, And a pinch Of insecurity Are what draw it out; The recipe for envy Is a simple one.   You fear The other woman, With a gaze too magnetic And a figure... Continue Reading →

#5 A jaded Juliette 

"My sins are my womb and XX chromosomes, the breasts that I must pour into the cups of a bra."

#4 Pathways

Of the infinite Number of moments that, When stitched together Will narrate our stories; Perhaps the most important Are the infinitesimal pockets Of time between each one.   Brick to brick, We skip from one To the next, On the... Continue Reading →

#3 breaking barriers 

Small voices often go unheard, As boisterous ones Usher away despondent, Hovering words That exist in bubbles of space Too far away from lips To seek refuge.     Teeth become The local butcher, Mincing words And gnashing away at... Continue Reading →

#2 little things

So maybe you aren't poetry, You don't have to be. You are the lines of prose Strung together Into witty remarks, The kind that never fails To elicit a giggle.     You are the hands That absentmindedly reach for... Continue Reading →

#1 Let me be 

"let me be a patch of earth, your favourite, most secluded one"

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