Small voices

often go unheard,

As boisterous ones

Usher away despondent,

Hovering words

That exist in bubbles of space

Too far away from lips

To seek refuge.

Teeth become

The local butcher,

Mincing words

And gnashing away at the

Deluge of remarks

That threaten to spill over.

False smiles

Pepper quivering lips,

While downcast eyes

Will only memorise

Every crack on every tile.


The fidgeting hands,

Unsure glances,

And minuscule gestures.


The shyness and

Censoring of words.

Step away from

The corners, little wallflower.

Do not pale.

Do not fade.

Do not avert your gaze.


Feel your knotted tongue uncurl

And taste all the words

You wish to utter.

Reach out as you speak.

Reach, as far as the stars

And constellations that

Swirl just beyond your

fingertips if you must,

And reabsorb your

Other-worldly hues.